• Please don’t alter or change any of the code as this is a violation of our license agreement.

  • We do provide a separate enterprise license for companies that want to white label or alter code.

  • All changes are flagged by the system.

Please note that we have added standard web analytics to MLFinLab, using Segment.

We track the following:

  • Public IP Address

  • UserIDs (MAC address)


  • Function calls

  • Timestamps

This allows our team to see how the package is being used by you, our client, so that we may improve the functionality and build more tools that you will love. An additional purpose is that we need to start tracking growth KPIs such as cohort retention and MAU and we will compile these into reports for investors.

The impact of the analytics is negligible.


  • We chose to use MAC Addresses to track how many devices a user has installed the software on.

  • We are able to identify clients as your API_KEY links to your account.

  • Your public IP address can not be used to track your exact location but does provide us with high-level analytics like country code and city.

  • Segment is the tool we use to collect, clean, and control the data.